John Walt Foundation




The John Walt Foundation empowers and enables youth across multiple artistic platforms. We intend to partner professional artist with youth to help mentor as well as build their artistic futures. We are here to embolden the creative soul of every young artist by inspiring a few to take their dreams and accomplish them.


The John Walt Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization, formed after the tragic death of Walter Long Jr. Walter was an up and coming hip-hop artist who was better known as, "John Walt", in the city of Chicago. During his career, John Walt wanted to use his ambition and creativity to make others happy with his music. Walt's drive to live out his dream while spreading positivity with his art is what inspired the start of this foundation, which support inner-city artists working towards that same goal.


John Walt was known as one of the founding members of the PIVOT Gang (Chicago’s Westside Boy Band), along with his cousins Saba and Joseph Chilliams, friends  MfnMelo and Frsh Waters.  He was well known and loved in the Chicago music community. John Walt was positive, kind, hardworking and had an infectious smile.